‘Sowing the Learning Seeds’ (SLS) Project 2010–2012
The project is financed via the EU Lifelong Learning programme,
sub-programme: Grundtvig; Action: Grundtvig Learning Partnerships 2010.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. (Chinese Proverb)
SLS Rationale

The project is motivated by the need to broaden the understanding of the essence of formal, non-formal and informal learning and encourage the not participating social groups to take up learning.

In order to boost the existing awareness raising learning activities it is necessary to improve the skills and knowledge of the volunteers in how to approach the target groups. The voluntary initiators and organisers as the target group of the project have their contacts locally and their acquired skills and knowledge are passed on to the members of local networks. Members of the local network, in their turn, are able to approach the persons who are at risk of becoming socially excluded. Participation in learning serves as the means of social involvement and active citizenship.

As the local networks develops, the staff is able to design policies and coordinate activities of learning campaigns as well as provide adequate and appropriate information to potential learners more effectively.

The project also aims at generating cooperation between active and outstanding learners in order to involve them as potential advocates of lifelong learning by presenting their learning stories to the wider audience.

The skills and knowledge for carrying out the above mentioned tasks will be acquired by the project target groups in special workshops in the partnership meetings.


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