‘Sowing the Learning Seeds’ (SLS) Project 2010–2012
The project is financed via the EU Lifelong Learning programme,
sub-programme: Grundtvig; Action: Grundtvig Learning Partnerships 2010.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. (Chinese Proverb)
Project partner 4: SLOVENIA
Slovenian Institute for Adult Education - SIAE

(Andragoški center Republike Slovenije - ACS)
Šmartinska 134a
1000 Ljubljana
SI - Slovenia
e-mail: info@acs.si

Contact person: Ms Zvonka Pangerc Pahernik (zvonka.pangerc@acs.si)
No. of planned outgoing mobilities: 24

Description: Since its foundation in 1991, the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) takes the leading role in research and development, education and guidance as well as information and promotion services in the field of adult education and learning. In cooperation with and in support to networks comprising of about 300 adult education public and private institutions as well as NGOs, SIAE has been working on the development of non-formal education and learning, adult literacy programmes and access to education and learning for marginalized target groups, adult education information and guidance, quality in adult education, training and professional development of adult educators, promotion of lifelong learning and many other areas. The Institute also provides professional support to the Ministry of Education and Sport and the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs regarding the development of the adult education system and carries out or takes part in domestic and international projects.

Within the proposed project SIAE is envisaging to enhance the work in the field of promotional campaigns (Lifelong Learning Week, Role Models Attract Campaign) as well as to establish and support a national learners' network. In both fields, SIAE is intending to contribute to and draw from the experience of other project partners as to enhance and upgrade their approaches. Specific attention will be given to outreach activities based on the use of ICT and various media in order to mobilise some of the priority target groups in line with the EU Adult Education Action Plan such as the elderly, immigrants, early school-leavers, people with special needs and other sensitive parts of population into adult and lifelong learning as well as lift barriers for their participation. The target group of the project, i.e. organizers, facilitators and learners involved in promotion and motivation activities will thereby upgrade their professional skills and acquire an enhanced perception of European citizenship and fellowship.

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