‘Sowing the Learning Seeds’ (SLS) Project 2010–2012
The project is financed via the EU Lifelong Learning programme,
sub-programme: Grundtvig; Action: Grundtvig Learning Partnerships 2010.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. (Chinese Proverb)
Project partner 5: THE NETHERLANDS
Bureau Lidwien Vos de Wael
Groene Velden 140
8211 BD
NL - Netherlands
e-mail: lidwienvosdewael@chello.nl
URL: -

Contact person: Ms Lidwien Vos de Wael (lidwienvosdewael@chello.nl)
No. of planned outgoing mobilities: 12

Description: Bureau Lidwien Vos de Wael (since 1999) is a bureau for participatory research, project management and consultancy, especially in the area of non-formal education. The Bureau has expertise in long term and short term projects, directly or indirectly related to vulnerable groups, low skilled persons and groups in risk of social exclusion. Specific areas of expertise: adult learners' week, literacy projects, life stories and small social history, rural development & education, exchange of good practices / methods. The Bureau has a broad network works for clients on local, national and international level, and is experienced in both fieldwork as advocacy and project management.

The proposed project fits seamless in the Bureau's activities of the last years: involvement in various activities in the area of learners' participation and learners' voice, strategies to strengthen adult learners' week projects in new regions. The Bureau will involve organizers, facilitators and learners involved in adult learning campaigns in this project in order to upgrade their skills, to improve the campaigns and foster the awareness of European citizenship.

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