‘Sowing the Learning Seeds’ (SLS) Project 2010–2012
The project is financed via the EU Lifelong Learning programme,
sub-programme: Grundtvig; Action: Grundtvig Learning Partnerships 2010.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. (Chinese Proverb)
About the project

The overall aim of the 2-year ‘Sowing the Learning Seeds' (SLS) project is to increase the participation of adult learners as a result of well-operating networks and learning campaigns.

Adult education organisations use different approaches to and means for raising peoples' awareness of the essence and possibilities of lifelong learning. The most important of them appear to be learning campaigns such as Adult Learners' Weeks (ALWs) and other learning festivals. The key players of these events are the organisers who come from institutions of diverse profiles, and outstanding learners.

In order to more efficiently run these events and to better reach various target groups it is inevitable to acquire new skills and experience and to establish informal cooperation networks that are enabled to operate in a more enhanced and organised manner.

As a result, the SLS project consists of six workshops and a seminar that will take place between October 2010 and July 2012 and will focus on five themes: volunteer involvement, use of media channels, involvement of outstanding learners, outreach to target groups and networks and partnerships promoting adult education.

For better insight into the project, see also its rationale, objectives and work programme.

If you would like to contact us: sls@nepfoiskola.hu.

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