‘Sowing the Learning Seeds’ (SLS) Project 2010–2012
The project is financed via the EU Lifelong Learning programme,
sub-programme: Grundtvig; Action: Grundtvig Learning Partnerships 2010.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. (Chinese Proverb)
Project partner 3: HUNGARY

Central Transdanubia Regional Adult Education and Folk High School Association
(Közép-Dunántúli Regionális Felnõttképzési és Népfõiskolai Szövetség)
Szegfû köz 1.
8252 Balatonszepezd
HU - Hungary
e-mail: agi@nepfoiskola.hu
URL: -

Contact person: Ms Zsófi Fesztbaum (zsofi@nepfoiskola.hu)
No. of planned outgoing mobilities: 12

Description: Since 2007 the Central Transdanubian Regional Adult Education and Folk High School Association is an umbrella NGO for different formal and non formal adult learning providers in the Central Transdanubian region. The association offers a big variety of different services to its members as advocacy, professional support in policy and practice and it helps to develop projects in the different fields of adult education. The association is a member of the Hungarian Folk High School Society and through this membership and also through its own members it has extended expertises in the Hungarian Adult Learners' Week movement.

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